Canon RF 24-105/F4 versus RF 24-240/F4-6.3?

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Re: Canon RF 24-105/F4 versus RF 24-240/F4-6.3?

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Swerky wrote:

If you plan on keeping the lens for a long time, several years, I hear that superzooms don't age well. At least not as well as higher quality lenses. Can't know if it's the same for this lens with supposed newer architecture. I hear that the optical quality will degrade over time as there are a lot of elements in play. Not so for an L lens with moderate focal length range. It's a thing to at least take into consideration.

I couldn't disagree more. Longevity has nearly NOTHING to do with pure age. It has to do with EVERYTHING regarding how the lens has been treated. I had one Canon non L lens for over 20 years that remained in new perfect condition. If you're going to be banging it around at events and hiking and such then sure, that may be. I feel the build of the RF24-240 is solid as heck and I wouldn't be the least bit worried it will likely outlive me.

When I say age, I mean that the lens is being used of course. Not just sitting there in the closet. And of course not meaning that it's being banged around either. But if superzooms retain their performance with time and regular use, it's all for the better. Again it's hearsay that I'm basing my comment on. In the end an all in one 24-240 lens with decent quality is a lot more practical than two 24-70 and 70-200 top notch quality lenses when one is out and about and risk missing shots by the time one changes a lens, let alone having to carry two pieces of glass. But also when hiking, an L lens will be more resistant to dust and the different natural elements. A non L lens will require more care. Specially a superzoom like the 24-240.

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