Geelong, Australia

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Re: Geelong, Australia

Benoz wrote:

Nice pictures, Rob.

Hope you're enjoying Geelong as much (or more) as you liked Perth.

Never been there but the settings look nice.

As soon as I saw #1, the sunset, my thoughts went straight to "Jo-Jo' Restaurant"!

Is that a viewing tower? Or a Lighthouse?



Hi Ben,

Its just a viewing tower at the end of the pier but not one that's readily accessible. Im not sure if the end part of the building is presently in use.

Geelong is a nice small city, with the city, waterfront and good food all in a compact area.

I still love Perth but a lot of the really good things are a long way from each other.

Beaches .... WA wins hands down but we have some nice shallow play areas for kids.

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