Autofocus for D90

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Re: Autofocus for D90

GCA123 wrote:

Interesting - I have been continuing to read and research the matter and it sounds as if perhaps I should be shooting my Canon EF 500 F4 ii with the IS OFF, or if it is on, certainly not on Setting 1, which is what I have been doing! My [developing] understanding is that for BIF the IS is generally not needed, since I am shooting at 1/2000 or faster, and if it IS used at all, Setting 2, which is for panning, would be far better than Setting 1, which is for stationary objects and may not only work against the focusing time but also produce less sharp images. Does this sound right?

I use case #2 for BIF.  As far as I know, it continues to track even if something else suddenly appears in the frame.  BTW, I use the center point and 4 surrounding points.

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