Tamron Still Believes in APS-C

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Re: Tamron is leaving $ MONEY $ on the table not making EF-M, Fuji-X lens

If the correct exposure is f/4.5 and the actual exposure is f/7.1, the result is an underexposed image. So, next you take the full frame photo and go into your image editing program to brighten it accordingly.

I think what they are saying is that while f7.1 is f7.1, the sensor's ability to collect photons isn't the same, and that f7.1 on ff collects the same as f4,5 on crop, and thus is underexposed at the same ambient light intensity, meaning that shutter speeds equate at a different aperture, advantage ff.

Logically, I think that might be true in theory, but is not a proof in practice, because sensors are real rather than theoretical.

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