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Re: Cost of Canon lenses

ericbowles wrote:

Do yourself a favor. You bought a great camera. Buy one RF lens to complete the experience. Don't hobble your experience by trying to save a little by using older lenses. The older lenses can fill gaps, but the R5 is such a good camera that it's a shame to have it without a native lens.

Take a look at the RF 24-105 f/4 lens to complete the kit. It's a good lens covering an all purpose focal length range.

If budget does not permit that lens or something similar, consider exchanging your R5 for the R6. You need a camera and lens you can use now - not a system you can buy into over time.

Wrong. see my posts about my experience elsewhere posted with my 15 year old 24-70mm 2.8. (not even the later version ii but the original) where i returned the Rf 24-70mm bach to Best Buy and paid the $325 (15%percent restocking fee). Talk about throwing your money away but I still had 1700 left towards another lens that might be a unique lens worth paying for..

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