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Re: Cost of Canon lenses

gertcher wrote:

I have just bought a new Canon EOS R5, it on is way. I also bought an adaptor to use my EF lenses.

My last camera purchase was a Canon EOS 1000, so you can see I have made a huge upgrade, and I am totally out of touch with current trends and prices.

I have been looking at Canon RF lenses and astonished at the cost. I understand there are a couple more contacts, I cannot see the justification for a 3x price hike compared to my EF lenses.

Are the RF lenses a great leap forward in lens design? Are all lenses of this quality, no mater what make, now so expensive?

TOP SECRET HINT: You already bought the adaptor [standard or ring control?] and use any and all ef lens you can find, buy, beg or steal. Esp. the 24-70mm 2,8 . The ef used lens are getting cheaper and cheaper and image quality is better than ever with an r5 or r6. Use my handle to find more posts and threads.
Some are a great step forward and some are not. What is a great step forward is eye focus and the advantage of no mirror on ability to exactly focus without the need for microadjust the focus. I cannot say the Rp and R models are that great with Ef lens but the R5 and R6 ARE GREAT.

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