Canon RF 24-105/F4 versus RF 24-240/F4-6.3?

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DPP4 and Adobe RAW give very different results

ProDude wrote:

I'll have to check that out. The other night I was playing with some RAW's I took in DPP but it was so frustratingly slow and didn't seem to show all the adjustments on each page which really drove me nuts. I even took one of our members here's suggestion to get rid of a directory that slows down DPP. But it still seems to crawl. And I have a pretty fast I7 computer with plenty of RAM. But now you've got my curiosity up I'll check it out tomorrow

I will be very interested to see your findings.

The big differences I have found between DPP4 and Adobe RAW so far:

  1. At the wide end, the DPP4 scales the oveall image up when doing distortion correction, thus reducing the FOV. Adobe RAW scales the image down, thus increasing the FOV. The net is that you see about 6% more of the FOV with Adobe RAW. The FOV you see with DPP4 matches what you see in the viewfinder where Adobe RAW shows you more. I'm surprised I have not seen this mentioned anywhere (at least that I have found so far). I have marked two vertical red lines so you can compare the size of the Adobe and DPP4 image. 
  2. DPP4 seems to eliminate purple chroma fringes around black and white objects whereas Adobe while improving chroma aberrations, does not eliminate them. I have pointed out some of the purple fringes with arrows in the image crops below in the Adobe output. Also, compare the "UL" that is circled. 
  3. Overall DPP4 default conversion is more contrasty. But this could be a default settings difference. 
  4. DPP4 seems to do an excellent job of straightening the image. I notice that Adobe, while not bad, seems to leave a little bit of barrel distortion with its default correction thus leaving me wanting to tweak images with long horizontal lines in them. 

In the image below, I also included the Adobe conversion of the EF 17-40mm at 24mmf4. There seems to be very little difference between DPP4 and Adobe in this case.

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