Will vibration from cycling damage my camera?

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bridge77 Junior Member • Posts: 45
Re: Will vibration from cycling damage my camera?

with old used dslr cameras very cheap on ebay, then having 2 cameras seems to work for me.

my old camera is a canon beater, easily replaced for about 50 bucks used. the good one is for the gentle days.

the strategy works for me, never broke any canon dslr yet.  my early point and shoots didn't survive too well ..........thank you canon.

same goes for lenses, my first canon dslr, the dealer threw in a free extra kit lens.........still works.

this is a good strategy for about every thing, otherwise known as plan B.

this strategy works well with the future of tech, when the mirror cameras take over, bet there will be boat loads of canon/nikon dslr's in the back room every where for those rougher days.

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