Davinci Resolve 17 annoucement today.

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Sean Nelson
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Re: Davinci Resolve 17 annoucement today.

yayatosorus wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

While I'm on the subject of V17 features, are there any UI improvements that would allow me to put a Fusion viewer on its own monitor?

I'm currently using DVR 15 and using a dual monitor setup via the "dual screen" tab. When using this in conjunction with fusion, and by closing the node tab I get about 50% of the screen filled with the viewer. While not perfect, it's miles ahead from the default UI in terms of visibility.

Great tip, I hadn't found that option. Thanks!

OzRay wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

I see that DVR 17 only supports this keyboard in the "Cut" page, which would make it considerably less useful.

It's primarily designed for the Cut Page, but does work in the Edit Page to a lesser extent. This was made clear in the video presented by Grant Petty.

I'm more than happy with that, as I've been using the Cut Page extensively rather than the Edit Page.

Maybe I need to spend a little more time trying out the Cut Page.  One of the hazards of moving to a brand new piece of software with a different design philosophy is trying to impose your old habits on the new software.

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