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Re: ...and older still - February, 1999

Michael Firstlight wrote:

I joined DPR in February 1999 - the same day I bought my first digital camera - a Nikon 950 1.9MP (twist design). That was only a few short months after DPR first launched the website in October, 1998. I changed my user ID twice on DPR - once n 2001 to reduced my actual identity exposure and once more again 2007, so my current profile join date doesn't reflect my original join date but I still have my old 2001 ID that I just tried a few minutes ago - and surprisingly that ID still works! Even back then I was hooked and quickly upgraded to the next rev - a Coolpix N990 34MP twist beauty that I still own and use now and then - the Zeiss lens on that little baby is incredible with tiny 3.34MP JPEG and TIFF files that produces spectacular 8x10 prints easily uprrezed to 18x24". This image, uprezed to 18x24 inches, was published in a national magazine from that camera in the summer of 2001.


My first was the Nikon Coolpix 800 for eBay auctions.  Many OK 8x10 from it.  I then moved to the 950.  Been here since Jan 2003.

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