Pentax K-1 II (or successor) vs Fuji X-T4

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Re: Pentax K-1 II (or successor) vs Fuji X-T4

tugatomsk wrote:

I've always liked Pentax's ergonomic philosophy of their cameras; in fact, I like them the most. But things such as old video tech and live view usage have always put me off. I really hope the sensor of the new K-3 III (and the new K-1 III?) includes phase-detection.

But recently, I've grown fond of the Fujis X-T4 and the X-S10. However, the Fujis are still very expensive (the K-1 II can be purchased at roughly the same price as the X-T4), and I'm still concerned about battery life of mirrorless cameras. So the Pentax offerings are still worth considering to me.

On the other hand, I considered the Pentax K-1 II because I just love its ergonomics: the buttons placement and many dials while still retaining the top plate LCD. I'd look the other way regarding its larger size just for that. I find it even better than the Pentax K-3 III ergonomics.

But upon comparing image quality between the X-T4 and the fullframe K-1 II on DPReview's Studio, apparently the APS-C sensor of the X-T4 is better than the one found in the K-1 II, even though the latter is FF, especially at higher ISO. Is the X-T4 sensor that good or is the K-1 II that bad, or is it just old?

Here's the comparison:

Get the Pentax.

Unfortunately the bad image that you are seeing is due to DPReview not taking a good photo. It is out of focus. That is not the camera's fault. Look for the elements that are a little bit closer to the camera and you will see that they are in focus and look great!

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