Am i the definition of a Fuji fan or....

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Re: Am i the definition of a Fuji fan or....


It's all personal.  I've had the same XT1 since they were released in 2014.  About 30K shots and it's never missed a beat.  They have been superseded in sensor resolution and AF capability.  If you can live with 16mpx they're fine.  They're not as good as  later models in AF speed and they're totally outclassed in focus tracking.  So if you're into birds in flight or fast action sports, the XT1 may not be the best choice.  On the other hand they do almost everything else well.

They were a very reliable camera.  They do have two foibles that might be present in a used one....

  • The leatherette/rubber tends to loosen,  bulge and potentially peel in old age.  It is replaceable, though the replacement leatherette presumably suffers the same fate in time.  The issue is cosmetic - it doesn't stop the camera working.
  • The early production run model had a tiny light leak that occurred in very rare circumstances.  It occurred when you had the left port door open and used very long shutter speeds (30+ secs) in bright light.  The only chance of this happening was (say) if you were using a strong ND filter to 'slow' a waterfall with the door open to plug in  a remote cable release.  Fuji was fixing them for free - I had mine done - but I don't know if that's still the case.  I doubt most people even knew about it or would have ever come across it.  It's supposed to have been fixed in later production runs.

I guess you always take some risk buying a used camera, but they were a good model.

Hope that all helps.



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