Worth it to move to DXO/NIK from PSE/Google NIK?

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Re: Worth it to move to DXO/NIK from PSE/Google NIK?

Flycaster wrote:

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Flycaster wrote::

nor70 wrote:

Hi Flycaster, the answer to your second question is that the Google NIK Collection works with DXO PL4, well it has fo

Ian, can you tell me how you installed the Google NIK into Dxo PL4? Thanks.

I have the DXO version of NIK. DXO-Photolab Elite V4 automatically picks up if you have the NIK collection installed and you can export images to NIK Collection plugins as an external editor. Works the same for Google version as far as I know.


I don't know, but I think things got a little mixed up. Above you had said that Google NIK works with DXO PL4. Well, I just got DXO and can't figure out how to install it into PL4...Thus my question about installation. But now you tell me that you have the DXO version of NIK. So, which version of NIK do you actually have it installed and is it installed in DXO Essential or Elite? And, again, if you actually do have Google NIK installed into DXO Essential, how did you do it as I don't see (or know) how it would automatically get picked up by DXO Essential???

DXO-Photolab Elite V4 and DXO-NIK Collection are both installed on to my computer. DXO-Photolab Elite V4 recognises that DXO-NIK Collection is available on your computer and makes the NIK Collection available as an external editor. Right click on an image in DXO-Photolab and you should see the option to Export to NIK collection. Example:

Hope this helps.


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