Worth getting the Canon R6 for just the f1.8 and f2.0 lenses?

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Thank you all!

I appreciate everyone’s input here. It sounds like, Canon isn’t going to be a good option for me at this point. Which is too bad, I really like the R6 and the RF lenses look absolutely stunning. However, spending $10k for a R6 and the RF Primes just don’t make sense when I just shoot for fun.

I’ll be honest, this was not the response I was expecting from this forum. Usually, people are quick to defend and promote their brands. It’s refreshing to come across a bit of humility. So, I thank you all for being so honest. Again, I do think Canon has everyone beat in the high-end mirrorless market.

So now, I suppose it’s time for me to consider either a Nikon Z6II and the f1.8 primes or perhaps gone back to Fuji. More research is needed it seems. Thank you again!

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