Will vibration from cycling damage my camera?

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It depends on the camera

My RX100 has gone through exactly what you're describing without issues, so I think it's okay. Or to be specific, it was in my backpack for thousands of miles of cycling, including off-road. Backpack is a bit better padded than stem, but off-road is a bit more bumpy, so I think it's probably the about the same. It should be fine.

But it's not a general rule.

Several people mentioned Olympus, and Olympus cameras tend to be rock-solid. High-end Canikon models tend to be super-robust too -- especially Nikon -- are designed to be used by journalists in war zones, by National Geo in Antarctica, and in all sorts of extreme settings. Pentax cameras are known to be tough as well.

On the other hand, my Panasonic LX100 was quite delicate. Low-end Canikon models have cheap, fragile plastic builds, where a few bumps easily knock things out of alignment and will take worse photos forever. I've used a few (now ancient) Fuji cameras which, while exceptionally well-made, were designed as precision equipment of the type you really want to handle delicately. You treat those like the precision optics instruments they are, they'll treat you well in return, but I wouldn't want to bump one.

So you're probably okay, but I wouldn't take that as a general rule. It depends on the particular model.

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