D40 Pics--with a few from my D500 tossed in

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Re: D40 Pics--with a few from my D500 tossed in

toomanycanons wrote:

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toomanycanons wrote:

Speaking as a guy who owned three (!) D40 in the dim past, one D60 in the dim past and one D60 currently, let me say that:

I have no idea what one of the above comments was referring to when they spoke of the "cold lifeless" CMOS images. I just don't see that. The images in the OPs comparison samples pretty much look the same to me.

I can go through D40 folders (yes, I've kept most of them, just takes some searching) and also D60 folders (same, lots of searching) and enjoy them but it's more about re-living the trips those pics were taken on and not some superiority of the colors.

Have you taken this Color IQ Test?


Yes, the differences are subtle. But this is what colour nuances are all about - subtleties.

I got a 0. Next question

Sure. When was the last time you calibrated your monitor?


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