Canon RF 24-105/F4 versus RF 24-240/F4-6.3?

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Re: Canon RF 24-105/F4 versus RF 24-240/F4-6.3?

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Wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the Canon RF 24-105/F4 versus the RF 24-240/F4-6.3. Obviously the latter is a superzoom and a bit slower. However, I currently have the RF24-105 and am somewhat tempted to trade is for the 24-240 for increased versatility as a travel/walk around lens. Thought being, neither are particularly fast for indoor use but the superzoom gives so much extra range. However, would I be given up significant image quality (sharpness, etc) of with the non-L lens?

For reference, I typically shoot outdoor lanscape/family/dogs. Other lenses I own for are the RF 15-35/2.8 which I would use for outdoor landscapes often and the RF35/1.8 which could give some increased light indoors. If I went that route maybe I'd consider picking up another prime for indoor/portrait.

Anyone else considered such a switch? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

You might look at Karl_Guttag.

He does a bunch of test an excellent job.   I bought both the RF 24-105mmf1.4L and the RF 24-240L when I bought the EOS R a year ago to evaluate these two lens for my travel and hiking use.   I have had 10X super zooms before.  Too many in fact.  Many were too shoft for my taste.   I assume the 4X zoom would be better but I like the reach of 240mm when travelling as well as the coverage of 24mm.  So I both both with a bias that the 24-105mm would be remarkably better.   However,  reality is that I was shocked much more by the 24-240 which is exceedingly close to the 24-105mm for the full range it covers.   I did not expect this.   The RF 24-105 is better at video zooms since it has constant aperature.   The RF 24-105 has better corner sharpness at 24mm but both are more than adequate for me.  The RF 24-105mm is not worse and it is weather sealed for bad weather shooting.  It has the pretting red ring too!

I kept both as my long term plan was to buy the EOS 5D Mk IV DSLR equivalent of the EOS R but the R5 was a distant rumor back then.   I love the versaltility of the 5DIV.  It was before the R5 the best camera I have owned and it is really fantastic for my needs.

I learned from using the EOS R that the RF lenses were the next generation and the best.   I have 25 EF lenses though and they cover lots of bases.   After shooting awhile with EOS R and the RF 24-105 and RF 24-240 I bought the RF 15-35 and RF 24-70 as my core shooting lenses. F2.8 is very flexible for indoor and general shooting most of the time.  They are heavy for travel or hiking though.   I use the f2.8 when I really need them along with Sigma f1.4 EF primes in 50, 85 and 135MM for bokeh and portraits.   The Sigma are huge and heavy and not good for travel/hiking IMO.

I also bought the RF 35f1.8 and RF50f1.8 as travel primes.  I will use my EF lens collection for the telephotos, macro and many primes.

So I have lots of lense and choices about what to use when and I like the RF 24-240mm.  This 10X great disrespect by some reviewers that just do not get that a 10X superzoom like this can be as good as it really is.   I now use both the R and R in my bag with the R having the 24-240mm and the R5 with the 24-105mm.    They are difference lenses covering different FL ranges and aperatures. They are both great IQ and that is why I kept both.  They both suit me.

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