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Hudsonriver wrote:

Thanks for your response New Day Rising.

The camera was a Panasonic GH4 and 14- 140 lens bought new in 2016 I had taken about 400 photos and decided to use the electronic zoom instead of a new lens purchase. immediately it showed this error. PLEASE TURN CAMERA OFF AND THEN BACK ON AGAIN which i did many times.

I also removed the lens and shot in no lens mode

I changed the battery and the memory card.

I tried to bring it back to factory setting

Check if you have the latest firmware for the camera.  It could also be  fault with the lens.  If you have another lens, try the same function with that.

The authorized Pany repair in Tx was closed so I tried all over the country and was not able to find an authorized repair that I thought was legitimate

I was going to send it to Japan until I realized it was made in China.

Panasonic is still a Japanese company, and it doesn't matter where it is manufactured.  However, sending a US marketed item to Japan for repair may not go so well as it may be considered Grey Market.  It is best to have it serviced in the country where you purchased it.  Is Panasonic's service center closed for the holidays or because of COVID?  If the latter, you may need to be patient.

I agree that DP should not do work that the Mfg should do.

I wonder if you would make a comment on my buying a camera with good repair facilities in the US such as Sony or Nikon

Unfortunately, Nikon has closed all its authorized service centers and all repairs will be done by Nikon.  Sony has closed many service centers too, but still have some in major cities.  Canon is the same.  It is just not a good time for any camera manufacturer and it will probably become worse.


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