Does Apple's new M1 chip make it more likely for you to shoot 6K or 8K?

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Re: Does Apple's new M1 chip make it more likely for you to shoot 6K or 8K?

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8k will be the standard soon. TV manufacturer are pushing hard on 8k and OLED. There not much profit for 4k LED. $500 for 4k 70 inch TV. Lol.

It may be the standard, but it doesn't mean that most people will go out and get an 8k TV.

8k will be the reserve of tech geeks. Even 4k is not that popular. I would describe myself as quite techie and even I haven't got a 4k TV - my FHD TV from over 10 years ago works just fine.

Locally we're being forced to update TVs. Anything ten years old is too old. The broadcasters are switching to HEVC and supposedly that only became standard in 2016.

4K TVs start at around €200 and by €300 almost everything is 4K . The quality of those TVs isn't equal to the more expensive but it's still 4K.

Can't you buy an antenna?

Similar thing happened in the UK when everything moved to digital. Wasn't necessary to upgrade your TV though, just buy a cheap set top box.

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