Photography is going backwards!

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Happy Hunting Ground

Weegee wrote:

One other final note. If you have family photo albums, there's a good chance they will not be thrown out when you go to the happy hunting ground. All your cloud and hard drives will be. On top of that, there will be no mechanism to open up the files!!!!

Hardly!  The HHG is pure cloud.

Good News:  In the HHG, money doesn't matter, sensors or prints can be infinitely large, no need for mechanisms.

Bad News: No sex, beer, or anything to photograph except clouds, which occasionally look funny, but not to folks in the HHG, goners who moan eternally  that life is wasted on the living.

Meanwhile, most of the world is happier with smart phones and tiny vertical views of everything.  From the majority perspective, anything else is backward.

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