Davinci Resolve 17 annoucement today.

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Sean Nelson
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Re: Davinci Resolve 17 annoucement today.

OmegaMan17 wrote:

This is available( to purchase) right now. Free Speed
Controller with V17


The listing says "New Item - Coming Soon". I'm probably going to try to get it from one of our local BlackMagic dealers here in Vancouver Canada.

I see that DVR 17 only supports this keyboard in the "Cut" page, which would make it considerably less useful. So far in my exploration of DVR I haven't seen a lot of use for the Cut page, I spend most of my editing time in (you guessed it) the Edit page.

Still, the keyboard is called the "Speed Editor" and not the "Speed Cutter", so I'm guessing that Edit page support will be added at some point, perhaps as soon as the final release of V17?

While I'm on the subject of V17 features, are there any UI improvements that would allow me to put a Fusion viewer on its own monitor? Coming from Premiere Pro CS6 with its extremely flexible and customizable UI, DVR seems pretty restrictive. Trying to edit things like warp meshes in a tiny viewer window is not great, and I haven't found a way in V16 to get the window as large as I'd like it. Ideally I'd like to see a way to just drag the whole viewer onto another monitor and size it to fill the screen the way we can do it in Premiere.

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