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Re: Should I sell..... ?

D5 wrote:

So I have the following lenses now :

  • *** 24 1.4G ***
  • 24-70F2.8E VR (KEEPER)
  • 50mm 1.4 MILVUS (ZEISS)
  • 50mm 1.2 AI-S MF Nikon (Keeper, cause it's cool as)
  • *** 70-200 f2.8G ( VRII ) ***
  • 85 1.4G
  • 105 1.4E (KEEPER)
  • *** 135 f2 ZF.2 ZEISS ( MF ) LIKE NEW!! ***

I'd love to BUY the Nikon 28mm f/2.8E, though I do have the 24m,m f1.4G. The newer 70-200mm is of interest to me also...

Would you sell the 3X lenses above marked *** to get the newer lenses..... could i get enough $..... ?

Sigma 135mm 1.8 ART also looks amazing!!

Yes I know I'm certainly missing something UWA ( the 14 - 24 range / or 17-35 ).

# GEAR ENVY !!!!!

( I do lots of travel photography / portraits / studio / cityscape etc. )

I don't know how prices are like in Australia, but here in Canada newer lenses like the 70-200 FL-E aren't getting any cheaper than they always were.  I've got the VR2 version and can't justify 1.5X the cost for an incremental improvement.  (RB, I agree the FL-E is better in most ways, but with my D800 I can't tell enough of a difference, and I rarely shoot video.  Differences would be greater with a D850 or Z7.)  I had the 80-200 two-ring N version for years before that, and there was enough of a difference between that one and the VR2 to justify an upgrade, but for most practical purposes they all do the same thing quite well.  The Tamron G2 would be on my list as an alternative if it weren't for the compatibility issues with Z bodies.

Your 24-70E is a good lens, and although not as strong as a prime at 24mm, it's still a 24mm.  If you tend to use that focal length much, maybe rent another wide-angle lens you like and see whether it'll really make that much difference.  There are times when I want a  smaller lens with an aperture ring, so I've kept my 24mm f2.8 pre-AI and Tamron Adaptall 2 24mm f2.5.  Yes, those are old and not even as good as my 24-70 in some respects, but maybe looking for a Zeiss 21mm or similar might satisfy your craving for quality and (relative) portibility.  What do you actually not like about your 24mm f1.4G?  I could see how it would be handy in low-light conditions.

If you love your 105 f1.4E (as I do with my 105DC), and if manual focus is the issue with the Zeiss 135, the Sony Art 135 as certainly a cheaper alternative, and by all accounts, it does do an amazing job.  The difference might fund a lens or two.  There are also plenty of used 135DC lenses available, and they're just as good now as they were then -- I know some will argue focus accuracy issues and CA, but CA is mainly correctable and focus is much better with the D850 or with focus peaking on Z cameras.  Since it's a DC lens, you've got more control about how sharp or soft you want your images to be from a single lens.  My 135?  A lowly $15 used Tamron Adaptall-2 135mm f2.5.  Somewhat soft, tiny (non-intimidating) and therefore perfect for some portraits.

I'm also a bit like you when it comes to UWA.  I bought an 18-35 AF-D twenty years ago and I can't justify replacing it.  In fact, I accidentally ran over it with my car awhile ago (don't ask!) and cracked the filter ring, but otherwise it still works perfectly!!  (Yes, flare is worse than ever until I find a replacement hood.)  Maybe it's time for another lens if I upgrade my camera.  Since this is my least-used lens, it's actually the hardest to replace.  The most likely candidates will be a 19mm T/S or Laowa 15mm, as I'd shoot more architecture than landscapes.  I had the original Samyang 14mm for awhile, but post-processing the distortion took too much time -- good lens otherwise, and cheap.

In the end, I like quality and I like inexpensive, and occasionally portability is a factor -- usually, you can't have all these choices unless you're willing to double-up on some lenses or buy used.  When I do buy a lens, I either keep it for many years or I get rid of it (same for bodies) -- call it an emotional attachment if you wish but familiarity has many advantages.  Some of my Tamron Adaptall lenses are over 35 years old, but with mirrorless body options they're more useful than ever.  (I use the 135mm or 200mm with a Nikon 1 V3 as a tiny paparazzi-like kit!)

So, if you're still using any of those starred lenses, keep them.  Otherwise, get rid of them now while they still have some value.

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