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Re: Upgrading my PC

KayL wrote:

A gentle upgrade IMO (about 20% higher IPC, and multithreading) but would look into moving up to a stronger CPU + GPU in the future when funds permit. 3400G is actually 2nd generation Ryzen, and an overclocked 2500K might get pretty close to the 3400G's performance. Can you stretch your budget to something like a new-old-stock 2600/2700 and GTX1050Ti/RX570 (or much newer, which is preferable)?

I picked B450 and 3400G because these are "tried and true" I can start with. If I need more GPU juice I can always buy one later on. I thought about B550 but it won't support 3400G, I won't rule out upping my budget to go for a better CPU+GPU setup but for now I will have to wait for the 5000 series to become available and look at the cost then.

Try the Wraith Spire that comes with the 3400G first. The A50 should be good enough for the 3400G as well, but I guess the issue here is having the correct mounting bracket.

I have been happy with the A50 but there is no AM4 bracket for it. I think I will try the Wraith Spire and get the Hyper 212 if the CPU can't "keep it's cool" for what I do.

32GB RAM is good

Actually I almost never use up to 16GB according to Task Manager, but since I am going from DDR3 to DDR4 might as well splurge a little.

Keep in mind that motherboard HDMI can't drive 4K at higher than 30Hz refresh, if you change your mind about upgrading this

Good point to remember for future reference.

Sounds good to me A capable framework for future CPU, GPU, and M.2 SSD upgrades. I see your proposal as a foundational upgrade, rather than an outright processing upgrade - with B450 offering future compatibility with Ryzen 5000 series. With Intel you're kind of stuck with the generation that you bought first time.

Yeah M.2 sounds good but I don't do that much batch processing of large (100+MP) files so can't really take advantage of it at this point.

It would've been great if money is no object and I can freely build a complete new system from scratch with the latest offerings, but now I still have to separate my wants from my needs and take things one at a time.

Thanks guys, all good food for thought so far.

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