About to buy a7iii - with or without kit lens?

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Re: About to buy a7iii - with or without kit lens?

poipoipoi_2016 wrote:

MonkeyClaw wrote:

Thanks for the replies. I can't really justify buying a "proper" lens yet, so maybe I can get the kit lens just to start using the camera right away.

I have to ask, is there a reason you're skipping straight over to full frame then?

X-T3 + 18-55 zoom lens would be several hundred cheaper on US prices, and it wouldn't be full frame, but then you wouldn't be paying FF *prices* for glass in the future either.

I am still undecided tbh. It is stressing me out! The price of FF glass is a factor to consider but the Fujifilm lenses are really pretty expensive too. Is there really much difference in that respect?

To be honest I see either option as a compromise, which is a shame when I am looking at spending at least an initial £1500.

Sony a7iii negatives

Menu system/ease of use

Pretty old camera now

Doesn't shoot 4k60

Fujifilm X-T4 negatives

Not full frame

Not as many lenses

AF not as good

I think if the Fuji were FF it would be a no-brainer. I wish it wasn't such an issue but I have never had a FF camera and I have also never spent anything like this sort of money, so i worry that if I go the APS-C route I will always be wondering 'what if'.

Whichever decision I make will be wrong. Yesterday, after months of research, I pulled the trigger in a 55" Sony A8 OLED TV. Within minutes of paying I regretted I didn't buy the HDMI 2.1 equipped LG CX.

I am rubbish at buying stuff...

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