Should I make my own icc paper profiles?

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Re: Should I make my own icc paper profiles?

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So having read all the posts, this is how I'd summarize the essence of the replies.

In most instances the manufacturer's profiles are pretty good, maybe good enough. But if I decide to make my own profiles, the X-Rite Studio will do a good job.

Thanks to all.

Exactly. A lot of the time it depends on the colors in the specific image.

I have to disagree. A correctly-made profile won’t distort any colors.

That is not true.

Do you understand the difference between the Perceptual and Relative Colormetric rendering intents you set when setting up a print?

If you have image colours outside of the profile's gamut the Perceptual rendering intent will "compress" all the image's colours so that they fit inside the gamut.

Relative Colormetric will print the image colours inside the gamut correctly and those outside of the gamut will be clipped to the colour at the nearest edge of the gamut.

I do, but thank you for reminding me of this. I reprinted the image using RI this time and it's identical. Lightroom does not show the greens as out of gamut in the soft proofing view (and P vs RI showed no change there either), so I'm guessing it's a profile issue.  I also have to remember to pick my battles as it will never be exact.

I'm currently waiting for my first ColorMunki target to dry...

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