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Re: Was available a few years back

Astrotripper wrote:

Panasonic had a product called DMC-GWC1, which was a wide angle converter for their 14mm prime and 14-42 pancake powerzoom. I believe the result was something like 10.5-32mm zoom. Something along those lines.

Really forget this...

I do not own the GWC1, but back to the old day (for my LC5 and FZ30) I bought the LW55 (0.8x wide angle converter) and LW52 (0.7x wide angle converter) as well as a 3rd party 2.0x tele converter...

Through setdown rings I could screw them on most of my lenses. Although these expensive (in their days, were around US$150+ 14~16+ years ago) converters will not affect the original IQ of the lenses, they are heavy (metal and real glass), huge and inconvenience to screw on/off.

0.7x converter on 14 by 55mm--> 52mm --> 46mm step down rings to become 9.8

0.7x converter on 12-32 to become 8.4 ~ 22.4 by 55mm-->52mm-->37mm step down rings, but the converter is a few time heavier than the 70g lens. I always worry that this setup might break the lens.

Of course Panasonic being Panasonic, they soon lost interest in selling that to people, and the only way to get for the past couple of years is to stalk ebay for a few weeks in hopes it pops up (quite often those offered for sale are missing adapter ring or two needed to actually use it, though).

But yes, a kit zoom starting at around 10mm would be nice for an affordable camera aimed at vloggers, where a wider angle comes useful.

But for me, I want the 8-25 PRO that I hope will come next year. If it's of similar quality and bulk like the excellent 12-45, all the better.

On the ultra wide side, I am happy with the 7-14 f/4 or PL 8-18 f/2.8-4 on the size.

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