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Re: EOS 1D mark 3 or EOS R/R6

Jos van Eekelen wrote:

Just today I learned that the shutter of my EOS 5D is breaking down. Unfortunate but I was already thinking about slowly going the EOS Rx route. Slowly because I haven't decided which camera (R5 is too expensive at the moment, RP, R and R6 are under consideration). Also the lenses I want to purchase first are not available yet/at the moment: RF 24-105 f/4 and 50 mm f/1.8.

The repair person has an 1D mark 3 on offer, in mint condition, few actuations, for € 800 which is roughly USD 800. This is a tempting offer IMO.

Comparing specs between EOS R and 1D mark 3 it is easy to see 11 years of development. The difference in resolution is clear, 10 vs 30 MP, etc.

What the specs don't tell is the difference in handling/user experience. Can anyone who has gone from APS-H to full frame MILC shine a light on this? I appreciate your input.

I loved the 1D series, but the Mark III is now quite old. Yes, it is the same generation roughly as your 5D and much will be familiar, but it's tech that needs to start getting set aside rather than embraced anew. The last time I used a 1DIII was back in 2014 and it felt old then. It did a fine job, but after the job I said OK, it's time to move on.

Moving from the original 5D to an R6 is a massive leap. You'll be skipping generations of development, including the three subsequent 5D-series models. The R6 is "tomorrow's technology". I'm still using a 5DIV and 7DII combo, and the R6 would still be completely new to me! I'm still personally waiting for a bit more development in the mirrorless bodies before I even consider a switch. But coming from such an old body as the 5D, even the 5DIV would be shocking to you!

I figure you have three options:

1 - Stay with the generation of tech you know well and get the 1DIII. The sensor is a minor step back from the 5D while the body is a massive leap forward. You will enjoy the benefit of familiarity, if that is important to you. But you'll remained firmly rooted in the PAST.

2 - Move to the current generation of DSLRs. The 5DIV or 6DII ar the obvious choices hear, the latter being a huge advance over your 5D for half the cost of the former, but the 5DIV offering you the last greatest standard-sized DSLR Canon will ever produce. Either one will last you for many years.

3 - Take the leap into the future to mirrorless with the R6 and don't look back. Or, if you don't need the advanced features (especially with video), move down a notch with the earlier RP version for much less cost (under $1000 for body and kit lens), still far ahead of your 5D, but more for everyday photography and video dabbling. Before you look at mirrorless at all, however, I would STRONGLY recommend you handle one personally, as it is an entirely different experience.

Good luck

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