Sony to Canon - 1 month later

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Sony to Canon - 1 month later

I made the move from Sony to Canon roughly a month ago, so thought I'd share some of my thoughts on the difference between the two ecosystems.

Disclaimer; there have been zero technical tests to backup anything I say below - these are just my personal impressions.


My initial thoughts have been that the Canon iteration certainly feels more "intelligent" than Sony - tracking heads when the subject has turned around and the change in AF tracking size dependant on the object. It all round just feels like the tracking algorithms are more "mature".

I'd probably say at it's most extreme, I'd expect my previous A9II's would lock on to and track a seriously rapid moving subject better - which is fine as it's not my intended use case.

I did experience a few "false positives" with Sony (where the camera would be telling me it's focussed on a face, when I can clearly see it isn't). I've yet to experience this with the R5's, but I haven't had a huge amount of weddings to test them on.

I have definitely noticed that the R5's are better at locking on focus in heavily backlit situations, and can also basically see in the dark. I was always happy with Sony's low light AF, but these R5's are just insane.


Honestly, I was probably hoping for something a bit meatier in the hand than the R5's. They are marginally better than Sony's latest iteration, but really not by much - I'd have loved a bigger body and a chunkier grip.

Everyone harps on about how poor Sony menus are, but I really don't see much of a difference. Camera bodies have that much customisation now, that all the menus are full to the brim. I had just as much of a headache taking a deep dive into the R5's settings as any Sony body. With both, once your favourite menu is correctly setup, it becomes a non argument.

Whilst I've never been a believer that the narrow mount width of Sony hampered things from an IQ perspective, it definitely impacts ergonomics. A lot of the Sony lenses have a centre of balance much further forwards towards the front element, making the perceived weight feel much more heavier. So far with all of my RF glass, the centre of balance is much closer towards the camera, making it a lot easier to use.

Build Quality

This is possibly the key area for me. I've always had some issues with Sony build quality, and I feel a lot more confident in the R5's.

Outside of the actual build quality itself, some of the design choices are just what I've been crying out for. I've lost many a top dial on Sony bodies where they've had a very light bump - the sunken dials on the R5's should mean this is no longer a concern.

I'm also delighted to be back to a "proper" flash hotshoe. As all the shoes for Sony speedlites have a plastic foot, they break. A lot. Going back to metal shoes should hopefully mean my speedlites are a little less disposable.

Image Quality

Both can deliver images far far greater than I'm capable of capturing - no denying that, and I've no desire to pixel peep.  I don't think anyone can have any real complaints on IQ for either Sony or Canon's latest FF mirrorless options.

One area I was unhappy with Sony was under indoor artificial lighting - the colours just never looked appealing, almost as if the white balance was always off, but a nightmare to correct in post. From limited testing so far, it looks like this will be less of an issue with the R5's - but I'd like to get a few more weddings under their belts to confirm it.

A final point; the Canon world does tend to harp on about "Canon colours", but for anyone using Lightroom - I'd say Sony colours are currently better. A lot of this may come down to Adobe's rendering of CR3 files, but at present I'd say they aren't particularly impressive, and take quite a bit of work. Here's to hoping that does get sorted though.

All in all, happy that for my own personal needs, Canon is serving me better than Sony - however I'd be more than happy to still shoot Sony, with the world of mirrorless ecosystems feeling like an embarrassment of riches at present.

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