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Re: even @$999 Canon RP isn't as impressive as Fuji X-S10, Sony A6400, or Canon M6ii

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Not everyone care to upgrade to Fullframe, majority of "consumer" don't want to spend $2000 when an $500~$1000 APS-C DSLR or Mirrorless will do.

Canon RP with decent kit lens $999. Right now.

While $999 is indeed a great price for a mediocre FF camera. Price is truely excellent, no argument from me there. (BUT) this also highlight a rather fraud reasoning:

  1. there is more to a camera than a fullframe!
  2. What IF you need Build-in Flash? RP doesn't have one!

Build in flash only rarely gives acceptable results, and only as fill in flash.

  1. What IF you need to shoot Kids? Canon RP 4 FPS with AF, and 5 FPS without AF is rather PATHETIC, even by point/shoot standard

don't need it. In my opinion shooting kids is not the same as spray and pray and pick the moment afterwards. It's like i don't consider making captures of 8K footage as photography. Nothing factual, just my opinion of course.

  1. What IF you need to shoot 4K? RP suffer from nasty 1.7x crop in 4K! That is almost a 2x loss in vertical & horizontal video resolution

don't need it

  1. Here is DPR review on RP horrible video:

Cropped video causes a number of problems: (1) it means your field-of-view gets cropped, which can make it difficult to shoot with a wide-angle view (something that's really useful in video), (2) it means you're using a smaller light-sensitive region, which means noisier video, for any given exposure, than using the full sensor. (3) As if that weren't not enough, in 4K mode the EOS RP loses access to one of its most compelling video features: Dual Pixel AF. Without it, the camera reverts to using a rather slow and unreliable contrast-detection system

The only good thing about RP is the $999 price. But once you consider AF performance,

in my opinion that's a serious differentiator.

Continuous AF for moving kids, soft 1080p and non-usable 4K video, this a very compromised camera for $999.

I much rather have Canon M6II, Fuji X-S10, or Sony A6400 or a $599 Sony A6100. While these are APS-C, they FOCUS FAST, have build-in flash, yet retain AF ability in 4K.

Like I said, take way the $999 price tag, RP simply suffer from too much compromised. While its is a FF, its also a rather weak FF sensor comparing against competition. I much rather have Canon 32mp ASP-C in M6ii over 26mp in RP. Dynamic range is also disappointing for a FF sensor.

The best part about RP is the access to future Canon (R) lens, but as a Camera, it is rather disappointing.

You're forgetting one thing: in all cases with good light not needing a lot of DR the RP blows all the aps-c cameras out of the water when it comes to IQ. A bigger sensor size allows for better IQ. Yes DR, yes ISO2noise ratio, i know i know, but those metrics aren't necessarily important for a large portion of your photography.

You don't have to shop for the very expensive lenses for the better full frame IQ. RF 24-105 f/4.0 + RF 35mm f/1.8 IS stm + 85mm f/2.0 IS stm will give better result than any ef-m whatever zoom + ef-m 22mm f/2.0 + sigma 56mm f/1.4. And although other aps-c platforms have better zoom options, i doubt if these platforms give options beating these full frame lenses. You can determine this as "access to the RF mount" but let's not forget it's essentially the full frame sensor allowing for this access, and the full frame sensor playing the biggest role in the better IQ here.

There might be the exception of the 32mm giving better results than the RF 50mm f/1.8, however, more stopped down and towards the center the 32mm won't even match that new nifty fifty.

So basically the RP gives you the option to trade AF speed to get better IQ, AND compatibility of you current lenses with your best future camera option. While AF speed is important, i don't find it attractive to prioritize AF speed over IQ and invest in a lot of aps-c lenses you will have to sell when upgrading.

I might upgrade my 6D to a RP but no way would I trade the M6II for a RP.

The M6mkII and RP are totally different cameras. Both are nice. Just pick the right tool for the job.

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