For Those Who Ask... Which "Z" Should I Get?

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Re: For Those Who Ask... Which "Z" Should I Get?

TITCHY wrote:

at the end of it all a great photo , will always be great , even if its got grain/noise or is soft...

Tell that to the bride who's wedding you're shooting.

Sorry, but I totally disagree with that outlandish statement. My criteria for a lens consists of 3 factors (although there may be other contributing factors)...

  • It must be tack sharp
  • it must be free of CA
  • it must have beautiful bokeh

You know, when I started out, I always had good bodies (Canon, Nikon) but couldn't afford really good lenses. My lenses usually consisted of "kit" or "consumer grade". When I would look at the sample gallery for my camera, all of the pictures would "pop". They had great colors, tack sharp, free of chromatic aberration, and beautiful bokeh. I was like... how come my pictures don't look like that... I have the same camera.

And then I realized, even though it's the same camera, it's not the same lens. They are using thousand dollar lenses. It made a world of difference. So now, I know better.

Your statement is really foolish and ridiculous. No, a photo will NOT always be great if it's soft or un-sharp or if it's grainy or noisy.  If you really felt that way, why are you spending your money on expensive "S" glass?  After all (according to you), you can still get great photos without it.

Friends, there's a reason for these expensive lenses.  And why, once again, it's all about the glass.

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