Comparing my D7200 with my D610

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Re: Comparing my D7200 with my D610

bflood wrote:

bjn70 wrote:

You liked the 24-85, and I've read good things about it from other people, but apparently there is a lot of sample variation.

This overlooks another issue - photographer variation. Comparing sharpness of images taken by different photographers using different cameras and lenses has three sources of differences in performance - the camera body, the lens, and the skill of the photographer.

It's easy to blame performance variations on the hardware maker, but the photographer has always been maybe the most significant factor in the resulting images. And what a specific photographer can achieve can easily change over time. I can't hand-hold a camera very well any more - arthritis has changed everything for me, and I use a monopod or tripod for almost 100% of my shooting, regardless of what lens I'm using. I have become the weakest link (I like to think I haven't always been the weakest link).

Example images that are sharp at the center and soften toward the edges show a lens effect - if the softness was the photographer's technique, the center wouldn't be sharp. Variation in shooting technique becomes more apparent with longer focal length lenses. The reader of reviews of such lenses has no way to tell if disappointing image results are due to the lens or the user.

Sometimes I'll compare different copies of the same lens on one body, on a tripod.  I'm only interested in finding out which copy is the "sharpest" to be used as my #1, the other as a backup.

At other times, like the testing between my D610 and D7200, I'm only interested in how both bodies/lenses perform handheld, a real world sampling.  So here we had the same photographer using the same technique.  The jpegs that came out (same settings on Vivid) showed radically different results.  I was surprised how vibrant and pleasing the D7200 jpegs were and how dull and lame the jpegs from the D610 were.

I knew that wasn't a strike against the D610 so I took the same/same raws into Lightroom 6 and tweaked them till they looked nearly identical (Your Testing and Processing Procedure May Vary).  Those results demonstrated that, indeed, if I'd taken my D610/24-85 VR out on the same trails I'd have come up with basically the same images but it would take processing the raws instead of just the SOOC jpegs from the D7200.

And, ya know, if I'm just taking snapshots and I can get satisfactory images from SOOC jpegs, that's basically a win.

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