Sony 16-70 and 18-135 both reduced on

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Re: Sony 16-70 and 18-135 both reduced on

Christmas time 3 years ago I bought the 16-70. I really like the lens. It is a great travel lens. The main reasons why I went for  this lens and not the 18-105 are, the close focusing distance, the small size, the colours and the 16mm.

The lens is not the sharpest, (when compared to primes) but for viewing on a computer it is good enough. The colours are really rendered beautifully. It is a fantastic family lens, I can use 16mm for landscapes, 24 to get some environmental portraits then as I go into telephoto I can get some background separation.

My copy was centered. I was told that the issue seems to be the worst at 24 and persists till about 35mm. Also beyond 50mm the corner sharpness is not really good, but I use ti Mostly to Isolate the subject which I avoid the corner for the subject. Also at 16mm wide open the corners are not really good, but stopped down they improve. The leans has really good contrast and colours are very vivid. Focus on my a6000 is one of the best I have used.

When I got the lens I was concerned. I was told about a test, where I used a black cardboard and stuck some white rings that are used on perforated paper to support around the perforation or filing. I placed these around the cardboard symmetrically. Then I took out of focus images, and compared the out of focus to see if it is centered. Comparing the size and shape of the out of focus rings I guess is easier than judging sharpness on a wall. Mine seemed to be well centered.

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