Upgrading from Nikon D610 -> D850/Z7

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Re: Upgrading from Nikon D610 -> D850/Z7

Dale Gribble wrote:

if you’ve made the jump to the Z7 how have you found working with a mirrorless camera regarding battery life & weatherproofing? (I smash my camera doing seascapes)

Thanks in advance!



I do use a Z7 and 24-70 S F/4 for travel and landscape.  I also have the D700, D750 and D500.

For me the D500 which I use for wildlife is an instrument in my hand for making photos, not just a camera. Similarly, the D850 is what I would call a finely tuned instrument which will give you enjoyment in use for many years. The Z7 is just another camera. If Nikon decides to replace the D850 with a similar DSLR with a higher FPS, I will buy it in a heartbeat. The D850 is still in high demand and selling well.

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