What are some of the best monitors?

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Re: What are some of the best monitors?

Ken60 wrote:

As for eye strain, I think you need to read about rest breaks and looking away from the screen to a different focal distance .... think RSI of the eyeball.

Also read up on Pulse Width Modulation.

Many LCD monitors implement dimming by rapidly turning LED backlighting on and off, instead of by generating a constant, lower level of light.  A low flicker rate can cause headaches in sensitive people – while remaining just high enough that the victims can't consciously perceive the flickering and identify the source of the problem.

www.notebookcheck.net has a more in-depth explanation, plus PWM information for  laptop displays.  TFT Central has information about desktop monitors.  (Check individual reviews, not the no-longer-maintained (???) flicker-free display list.)

Eizo claims to be using a "hybrid" dimming method on some of their monitors.


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