For Those Who Ask... Which "Z" Should I Get?

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Re: For Those Who Ask... Which "Z" Should I Get?

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I really don't understand why so many of you aren't getting it. Let's put it another way...

Let's say you have a State-Of-The-Art Home Theater consisting of... a 75" OLED 4K TV, a full blown Dolby Atmos Receiver for surround sound, and of course that expensive 4K Blu Ray player.

This system is capable of producing amazing results giving you the theater experience... BUT... you're using some cheap speakers from Walmart.

Yes, folks... the bottom line is the sound. It doesn't matter how good your system is if you're using crap speakers. In which case, you will never realize the full potential of your Home Theater.

Now... the end result is what you hear. As far as our lens discussion, it's what you see. So, again, it doesn't matter how good your camera is, if your using "walmart" lenses. Got it?

Got it. It’s all about the sound. Therefore you are saying is that a 75” 1080p full-HD television and first-generation DVD player is just as good, for my home theater experience, as that 4K display and current-generation Blu-Ray - as long as I have a killer sound system capable of discriminating a cricket’s wings from grass rustling in the wind a mile away from the viewpoint.

I never said that at all.  I believe I referenced a State-Of-The-Art system consisting of a 4K TV and 4K Blu-ray player.  The point being... if you're going to use "killer" video, why would you degrade the theater experience with inferior sound.

Except ... unlike my glaucoma-blinded wife the former concert violinist for whom it truly is all about the sound, I am deaf. So I don’t care about sound, and for me that 4K display and next-gen BluRay player is not just important, it’s vital to my home theater experience.

Which is a long-winded way to say that what might be your most important thing may not be someone else’s. It also is a long-winded way to say that what really is important is the system, not just one part.

I agree.  The system as a whole is important.  Therefore, each component of the system must be equally good.  In our Home Theater example, you wouldn't be using a VHS VCR now would you?  It would bring the whole system down.

No, I’m not deaf. My wife is not blind or a musician. She is an award-winning artist, known for her extremely lifelike depictions of Hawaiian hula. I AM a concert violinist so sound quality is extremely important to me. I also do big landscapes and reproduce my wife’s artwork, some of which is 36”x60”. So your assertion that only the lens is important is arrogant, and that you refuse to listen to and learn from others is insulting.

I do listen.  I've learned so much from the folks on this forum.  They are all a great bunch of people.  And I applaud you and your wife for the success you both achieved.

I started with a 3MP Olympus. It is not capable of reproducing 36x60 art at 1:1 regardless of the lens you use. I graduated to a 12MP D90. Still not capable. Then I got a D7100. Passable - if you stand back and the photographer used a really good lens.

And I started out with a Casio QV10 as my first digital camera.

Now I have a Z7. I also still use the same really, really sharp Nikkor 50mm for repro. So now I have the system that allows me to do the photography I want to do. A great lens, and a great camera.

No doubt, the Z7 is a great camera.  Then again, any of the "Z" cameras are awesome.

I the olden days the body was indeed less important, because the system included film and the choice of film could make a dramatic difference in image quality.

And in the old days, the lenses for these "film SLR's" were top quality lenses which would be equivalent to "S" glass today.  My first real camera was a Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic.  It came with a 50mm f1.4 kit lens.  I also had a Minolta SRT-101.  Both great cameras.

Today the “film” is integrated into the body in the form of a sensor. And yes, it is extremely important to the quality of the image, particularly in certain circumstances such as I describe above. There are myriad other circumstances where the camera, as part of the total system, makes a lot of difference in the final image.

Look, you're Z7 is an awesome camera.  All I'm saying is that you wouldn't want to bring down the picture quality it is capable of by using inferior, cheap, walmart class lenses.  So again, why have a good camera and use a crap lens?

Not everyone is rich and doesn't have the luxury of buying the best camera bodies and lenses.  That being the case, and as I've said, I would put the money into the glass.

Thank you.

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