D40 Pics--with a few from my D500 tossed in

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Re: D40 Pics--with a few from my D500 tossed in

Neil-O wrote:

Studio-M wrote:

Well, the signal from each pixel is amplified, before it goes into the processor. At some point the manufacturers switched from analog to digital amps to reduce the noise.

I can see how this could affect the "tone" of a sensor. Similar to Class A and Class D amps in audio. The digital (D) sound more sterile and artificial.

As I understand it the output from both types of sensor is analogue, but CMOS sensors convert/amplify the signal to digital at the sensor itself - each pixel effectively has its own amplifier, with CCD sensors the signal is amplified/converted further down the line.

I don't think this has any bearing on the tone/colour rendition...? but it does affect noise, with the CMOS output being "cleaner", for want of a better word.

But this comparison with audio amps intrigues me. I'm a guitar player and there's long been a debate around valve amps vs solid state vs digital, with many arguing that in the end it's all about the player - rather like photography!

Maybe someday there will be a Photoshop plug-in that will turn the cold, lifeless CMOS images into rich, organic CCD images. Something like Guitar Rig or Amplitube for photographers.

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