18-135 on k3 mkiii

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Re: 18-135 on k3 mkiii

xmeda wrote:

Ehm.. what other lenses you have? Put Sig 35/1.4 Art on it, use F4 and observe what K3 24 Mpix detail is.... 18-135 is far behind.

But that does not mean that I don't like that lens. It is one of my most used due to weight/size/range/WR combination.

Its pretty obvious that high quality prime lenses will shine, I'm not that stupid....

What im saying is that the 18-135 for what it is, a kit lens, jack of all trades is pretty darn good.

I get consistently good results sharp when used within its sweet spots, its one of few native Pentax system fast focusing lenses that will shine with both improved IQ and AF systems.

Don't get started on what we do and don't know about the AF. Pentax have stated "utmost attention paid to auto focus tracking" so even in Pentax speak, that has to mean some sort of significant improvements given the extra focus points.

It's just a very very handy all rounder that will handle and shine with those improvements.

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