Upgrading from Nikon D610 -> D850/Z7

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Re: Upgrading from Nikon D610 -> D850/Z7

Dale Gribble wrote:

Hi All

I do landscape photography & I’ve been wondering about changing from my Nikon D610 once it dies to something with more megapixels, dynamic range & something which has better video specs (like 120 fps)

I was just after feedback from anyone who’s made a similar jump & how you found having a camera with more megapixels, better dynamic range & how you found having more video spec options was? AND if you’ve made the jump to the Z7 how have you found working with a mirrorless camera regarding battery life & weatherproofing? (I smash my camera doing seascapes)

Thanks in advance!



Z7 has only XQD card slot which is not compatible with SD cards and seems at least 5x more expensive (if you don't need the speed of XQD)

D850 has both SD card and XQD card slot.

I suppose if you gotta have Z7, extra $100 for each card may not be the deal breaker but apparently Nikon has seen their mistake and Z7II is expected to have SD and XQD card slot.

Does anyone remember sony Memory stick? XQD seems sony proprietary...

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