Which camera models have a focus issue with the Sigma 30mm f1.4?

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Re: Which camera models have a focus issue with the Sigma 30mm f1.4?

mcslsk написал:

Я не сомневаюсь в кривизне поля линзы. Я говорю о том, что проблема автофокуса, которую демонстрируют объективы Sigma на камерах Sony, не связана с кривизной поля. Это как-то связано с мотором автофокусировки и программным обеспечением, управляющим им.

What you are trying to inform me about has been widely discussed and I am well aware. There are also known ways of solving - the choice on problematic apertures instead of single-frame AF-S mode, tracking AF-C focusing mode on a wide area.

My post is addressed to Street_Photography. I do not offer him anything else, why he warned. The essence of the message boils down to the fact that even on the new 6100 and 6600 cameras, the situation with focusing on problematic diaphragms, according to the owners, is not unambiguous. And he added his own argument as to why he did not purchase this lens. The user can change the focusing mode on problematic apertures, and to achieve focusing accuracy even in manual mode due to the curvature of the field is a task of a different level and which must always be remembered when shooting. It is distracting and unnecessary.

A collection of different opinions will help form an independent decision. 

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