Should I make my own icc paper profiles?

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Re: Should I make my own icc paper profiles?

Mark NF wrote:

So having read all the posts, this is how I'd summarize the essence of the replies.

In most instances the manufacturer's profiles are pretty good, maybe good enough. But if I decide to make my own profiles, the X-Rite Studio will do a good job.

Thanks to all.

Exactly.  A lot of the time it depends on the colors in the specific image.  I just upgraded to the Epson P900 and have been doing some random prints using the Epson made ICC profiles.  They prints have been looking great on glossy and matte papers.  However, today I printed a photo today with someone wearing a green jacket and a sky with a greenish tint.  The print looks good but the jacket green is off and the sky is more blue-ish.

I thought to break out my old ColorMunki but not sure if it will be accurate as it's 10-15 years old.  I recently had to buy a new i1 Display Pro after 9 years because the outer plastic was decaying and getting so gooey it was leaving fingerprints in the plastic.  I plan to test it out tomorrow as it's only a few sheets of paper and ink.

Does anyone find that the older ColorMunki units wear out / become inaccurate over time? Are there any benefits to upgrade to the i1 Studio other than it being newer?


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