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Re: THE bag to own with a R5/R6

ProDude wrote:

Let me tell you as a devout "bagaholic" I've accumulated bags over the last 20 years I could open a store. Recently I underwent the most frustrating attempt to buy the perfect bag for "walk around" use for my R5 with it's grip and Kirk Arca Swiss bracket at the bottom. By the way there's NO question in my mind the decision on that Kirk bracket was the right one. Far more perfectly designed for the grip use then the RRS or anyone else for that matter. I digress. So I tried my all time fav I used on prior cameras. The Lowepro Pro 75AW II. I quickly found it will NOT fit the size of the grip and bracket on it, was tight beyond use. I'd also planned on said bag accommodating this combo with the coming RF100-500 zoom. No chance. I also tried a Mindshift brand large holster bag. Oh it fit allright but had NO support for the camera once it was in place and it was flying all over in the bag......NO good. It too went back. My last option I decided to take a chance on was the ThinkTank Digital Holster 50 V2.0. It seemed in the picture to have a very generous entry area at the top and had several nice zipper pouches for extras as well as the BIG feature I needed, an expandable bottom lens end area. (Once again the ProTactic version of the Lowepro would NOT accommodate the size involved with the camera with the grip attached let alone the Arca Swiss bracket). So it came and man I have to tell you these guys did their homework.

It goes so easily in no struggle, room to spare but NO slop when the camera is in place. Fits like a glove no play. Has a wonderful (for us OCD types) top padded flap that goes over the back of the camera to protect the entire back and LCD. 2 zippered areas on the top flap for filters, micro fiber cloth etc. A nice larger pouch for other filters and stuff on the upper portion of the bag and one more yet on the lower side. No shortage of extra storage. The best of all and expandable lens end area to accommodate a longer lens such as the 100-500 I have coming. There is a supplied Velcro flap that allows you to customize the length of lens used if shorter, down the snoot so there is once again NO slop or play or movement of the camera/lens once in place. There is a supplied nice full weather cover secreted in the upper zipper pouch area.

Geez you can tell I'm well impressed no? I strongly feel if you're going to be hiking or walking around or even going to a shoot with a particular lens and a few goodies along, this is THE bag to own if you're using the setup like mine. Nice padded protection but immediate access. You can't beat that. Check it out. It was $70

non extended view closed

opened view with protective flap down (you can see the zippered pouch areas for storage on the opened flap)

Here is the view opened showing the great fit of the combo I'm dealing with. It has NO movement when in place. I currently am using a RF24-240 on it but also have a RF24-70 f2.8 and a RF100-500 on the way which will be accommodated by this bag

This is the bag with it extended from the zipper at the bottom when you need a longer lens such as the 100-500 I'll be using. You can see the 2nd outer zippered pouch for storing other goodies there on the lower top. By the way the strap is superb. Uses really beefy latches and a good strap with a padded shoulder area.

Lastly that wonderful top pouch accessed from the outside top. Lot's of actual space hard to see in the picture. Would easily take a couple filters, remote trigger, cleaning peripherals and more.

I hope this shows you why I'm so excited about this bag. Yeah I know I may be a bagaholic but have to say this should be THE one I'll stick with. It seems to do a ton of things and all well. Ideal for this difficult combo I'm working with now.

2 flaws with this bag. The strap is a joke, would have to replace that. I also hate fiddling with zippers over and over again. Which is why I always buy bags that will be worn most of the time that have a zipper and a clip closure. I have two shoulder bags like this and they both have the dual zipper + clip functionality. For me this is a bit of an odd bag for that reason. I would get a sling bag instead of this from Think Tank, they have some cool ones. BTW lots of their bags are on sale right now!

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