Death Valley with Sony a6400 with 10-18mm F4

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Jimmy K.
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Death Valley with Sony a6400 with 10-18mm F4

Just went on a family trip to Death Valley during Thanksgiving week. It was a great trip and all family members enjoyed it.

I had Sony a6400 with 10-18mm F4 wide angle lens + iPhone XS Max. I used this lens couple times before, but not extensively. For this trip, I only used 10-18mm. I had the 16-50mm kit lens in my bag, but never used it. Typically, I don't like to change lens. And for this trip, I definitely didn't want to change lens in sandy environment.

The highlight of the trip is Eureka Dunes, which is accessible by dirt/gravel road. It took 3+ hours 1-way. 1-hour on paved road; 2+ hours and 45 miles on gravel road.

Crankshaft crossing: On the dirt/gravel road Eureka Dunes, from Death Valley Road.

Pass over Last Chance Mountain Range.

Eureka Dunes from the dirt road near the dry camp. The dunes rise 700 ft from base to peak.

I wasn't planning on hiking Eureka Dunes. I thought we will just play with the sand at base. But my 10-year old wanted to climb, so we went for it.

Around 1/2 way up Eureka Dunes, looking down to the dry camp.

Dunes can be steep at certain areas. No one climbs here, so no footprints. Last Chance Mountain Range in background.

Looking toward the peak. There are animal trails, likely from lizard.

We probably climbed 500-600 ft, around 3/4 of the way up. It is a hard climb. Every step we take, we lose 1/2 step due to the sand. My kid decided this is high enough. So we played in the sand and came down.

My foot steps coming down.

More on the pristine sands of Eureka Dunes, before my daughter plays in the sand and ruin the photo opportunity.

If you get a chance, I definitely recommend going to Eureka Dunes. It is massive. Although there are some climbers and foot prints, I can easily find areas where there are pristine sands.  The hard part is to keep footprints out of the frame in the background.  I noticed those on the computer.

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