Help need a new background!

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Re: Help need a new background!

RayGuselli wrote:

Thank you Mikes....
I think you have nailed it when you describe keeping tones right etc...excellent work indeed.
I must try topaz again...I have it but always use Photoshop.....must give it a try...
Very best wishes and thanks again...appreciated...


I have not had time to play with this particular image. I have found that the new Topaz AI does a pretty decent job on a lot of images. But when it comes to photos like this - fly away hair where the colors are similar to the background - the older more manual Topaz ReMask works the best, imo. You can fine tune a color brush to keep or remove certain colors. It is a fair amount of work, but works the best. Mask AI is supposed to do this, but I don't think they have gotten it there yet.

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