Tamron Still Believes in APS-C

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Re: Tamron is leaving $ MONEY $ on the table not making EF-M, Fuji-X lens

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Not everyone care to upgrade to Fullframe, majority of "consumer" don't want to spend $2000 when an $500~$1000 APS-C DSLR or Mirrorless will do.

Canon RP with decent kit lens $999. Right now.

That's a really tempting offer. Do you think f/7.1 is limiting though, in that kit lens? IQ notwithstanding, seems like f/7.1 being the largest possible aperture would be frustrating. What does everyone think?

f/7.1 on full frame is equivalent to f/4.5 on Canon APS-C crop. Yes, f/7.1 sounds slow, but when you consider that an equivalent EF-M lens would need to be 15-66mm f/2.5-4.5, f/7.1 suddenly looks pretty good. Going the other way, the EF-M 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 is equivalent to a full frame 24-72mm f/5.6-10. After converting for equivalence, the EF-M 15-45mm ends up a full stop slower than the RF 24-105mm f/4-7.1.

No, f/7.1 is not ideal for low light use, but it is still better than any of the existing EF-M zooms.

Thanks, yeah, I guess that does put it in perspective.

Naive question then: hypothetical exposure, f/7.1, ISO 400 ... will those result in different shutter speeds one FF vs crop bodies?

No, the shutter speeds will be the same.

Interesting question. I would say that when I am shooting I tend to let the aperture and necessary shutter speed determine what my ISO should be, and then use Auto ISO. If I am purposely trying to get a specific exposure, I'll adjust the ISO manually, or if I am shooting a dual-gain sensor (Sony sensors in my case, but the R5 & R6 also are) I might jam it onto one of the two base ISO's. But that is the exception.

I mostly shoot indoor sports, so my calculus is that I can deal with some noise in post... but I can't deal with motion blur in post. So shutter speed and aperture are my fixed variables and ISO is what I let go. Shooting full frame means that i can run faster shutter speeds due to the better low-light sensitivity.

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