Why battery makers keep us in the Dark Ages

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Re: Because they don't know how to make better

lilBuddha wrote:

MHshooter wrote:

Lee Jay wrote:

There are problems with each of the technologies you mention, mostly cycle life due to different failure mechanisms (i.e. dendrite growth).

Believe me, if someone has something better, it'll get to market in short order.

Also, your numbers are wrong. Lithium metal might give a factor of two, or a factor of five when combined with sulfur. A factor of ten would require combining those with inorganic or solid state electrolytes.

Fascinating. Dendrites blamed when all it would take to prevent them being a problem would be an electron-permeable barrier between the cathode and anode of the battery. They must have SOME material that would work.

If only a forum expert would quit his job/come out of retirement and go help those poor buggers who cannot understanding their own industry

Every hobby has those experts making similar discoveries .

Funny thing is they almost *never invest their own money to make it happen.

*In a much lower end field where DIY is possible, I often see folk that can do it "better/cheaper"  only to disappear when their version is "90%" ready. Yes that extra 10% takes a long time to be worked out or they finaly discover that if it takes 10 hours to make a $60 product you are not going to be in business for very long.

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