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Re: D850 to ... Z7 - what improved (that mattered)?


I love my D850, and several DSLRs before that. I'm mildly curious about mirrorless, but only if a mirrorless camera solves a problem I have with the D850. So far I see the D850 as generally superior in autofocus, battery life, and turn-on speed. THe Z7 seems like it must be better for video autofocus, but (perhaps because of poor video autofocus) I don't shoot video.

If you went from a D850 to a Z7, what do you see as for-sure improvements? And any drawbacks?

I always carry spare batteries. I think we, all of us, always have.

But battery life still matters to me for many reasons. The two that immediately come to mind is a) stopping a time-lapse sequence to swap batteries is an absolute no-go; and b) more you change batteries means a higher incidence of times where you have to change at inconvenient moments. If you've never had to change batteries when you rather would not have had to, then skip this point — it's happened to me enough times.

The controls and ergonomics of a D850 battery is a design culminated over decades of camera design. The smaller Z bodies remove from that. Even if you don't mind the feel of a smaller camera body in your hands, there are the lack of controls.

Seeing your exposure in the EVF vs. OVF, personal choice. I chose the latter. There ARE exposure indicators in the OVF, by the way, if you know how to read those.

I get the same silent shooting experience on my D850 that someone gets on a Z body. No shutter shock, no mirror lock up (except the first going into LV).

I got focus stacking. I've got fold out LCD. I've got touch LCD with focus.

The FTZ for existing closets of lenses means that the size/weight advantage of a Z body is something less.

I really don't need IBIS, but if you do, that will weigh more heavily for you.

The more kinds of genre (shooting types) you do, the more these points will vary. Obviously, having one of each (mirrorless and DSLR) means you can use the one most appropriate for the shoot. However, even with that consideration, I opted to buy another D850 for my 2nd body


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