High key lighting outdoor portrait tips

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Re: High key lighting outdoor portrait tips

Thank you Elliot,

This is kind of what I expected in all reality.

It seems that most photographers employing this type of effect (and the shooting style that I find more and more popular) is minimal in gear. Yes prime lens and a body and natural light.

I just know that all of these types of images are so heavily backlit for that afternoon background glow; the shadows on the face are so great; you need incredible dynamic range if pulling out highlight and shadow details.

I think cameras and technology these days are capable of this ... just kind of wanted to confirm.

Even with ambient reflection; you would need a lot of natural reflected lights to bring these shadows in the face in line with the background.

I'd love to see the original shot of these images ... I'm guessing you expose for the face which would greatly blow out the background and then adjust exposure so that at least you have detail in the background (face slightly underexposed now) and then in post pull down the highlights to get more detail and increase the exposure in the face/shadows to create a spot on facial exposure.

I've not experimented much with this; but as I usually shoot with strobe and softbox; I very much look forward to shooting simply with 1 body and a prime lens instead. Would make my day so much easier.

Do you think these images are toned at all or are the blown out highlights completely white? Looks tinted to me

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