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Interesting thread. I have a bunch of gear, including the D850 + the 24/1.8G. It's been my main choice for landscape and is okay, but the lens is soft on the edges.

The least expensive expensive option is to frame subjects with vital edge detail (a minuscule number for most photographers) so that the image can be cropped in post. . . The D850 has plenty of pixels so the ones lost to cropping won't ever be missed.

That's an unsatisfactory strategy for me. For landscape, I want maximum sharpness across the entire frame. If you look at the 24/1.8S or G, they both fall off midframe. The G, for instance, goes from a high of 3351 at f/4 to 2507 at midframe. The S hits a high of 3629 at f/4 and drops to 2709 by midframe and 2524 at the corners. The Zeiss is much more uniform across the frame, measuring well above 3500 for both center and edge from f/4 through f/11. One review, by PC Mag, showed Imatest scores measured on a D850 at f/5.6 of 4812 center and 4790 edge. Look like the Milvus crushes the other options, and I just wouldn't be happy settling for less than the best. So, going to a Z body and S lens is the wrong answer for me. And, I "saved" $2K. Win, win.

My suggestion is intended for photographers who do not have the money for an expensive prime lens or are satisfied with lesser results for their particular needs. Many photo hobbyists fall into one or both of those categories.

To be clear, you still had to spend $2000 so you didn't actually "save" any money (hence the quotation marks. . .). You just spent less than the other option would have required.

Yes, the "saved" was in jest.  But it was money well spent.

I took it out yesterday for its maiden voyage and really enjoyed shooting with it.  It's going to be my main landscape lens for quite a while, at least when its size and weight aren't an issue.  I'll likely take my 24/1.8G on motorcycle tours.

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