Nikon D3500 or Sony A7 III ? (Also Sony A6600 or Nikon Z50) for absolute beginner

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Re: Nikon D3500 or Sony A7 III ? (Also Sony A6600 or Nikon Z50) for absolute beginner

Autonerd wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

I can see you getting your retaliation in first, in case you get picked up on what you say....

You're way to sensitive, Bob.

Well, you wrote what your wrote, you didn't have to write all that stuff about people overcomplicating it, but you did.

You missed out processing. You might have been including it in 'post-processing', but it doesn't really fit your description of what 'post processing' is.

You're correct -- I'm still thinking in film terms (that anything done on the computer is post-processing). Also, I live in Los Angeles, home of the movie industry, where the answer to every problem you encounter is "We'll fix it in post!"

In film terms, processing is development, and 'post-processing' is what you do at the printing stage, dodging and burning etc. That was also true in motion pictures, which people forget used negative film and printed it. In 'post', you'd make an internegative, withe the aforesaid dodging, burning and a load of other stuff that now has given its name to tools on photoshop.

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