Photography is going backwards!

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Re: Photography is going backwards!

Weegee wrote:

My final point is that I've stopped sending photos because the recipient's viewing mechanism don't do them justice!

So it's the audience's fault your photos are blah?

And considering the average iPhone of the last few years have both a wider gamut than most monitors and a higher resolution than your desktop I think there's something wrong with the images if they look bad on the phone. Unless your recepients are old people who have figured out how to pinch zoom.

One other final note. If you have family photo albums, there's a good chance they will not be thrown out when you go to the happy hunting ground. All your cloud and hard drives will be. On top of that, there will be no mechanism to open up the files!!!!

Again, blaming the audience. If they care they'll keep the images, digital or print or both.

No offense, but the complaints seem more about who you are distributing photos too than the medium.

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